The Multiple forms of
 the Great Original Goddess



As of antiquity, the goddess seems the source of the three aspects of the existence while affirming herself like: the MOTHER UNIVERSAL and OMNIPRESENT, full with wisdom which knows his/her children, like them and want one day all to bring back them until It so that they form part of this spiritual elite which not only will reach the Paradise eternal but will come to assistance of the excessively pious people of the Large Mother who ask for the force to him of overcome the material difficulties of this world and on other grounds...

With its capacity of coordination, it sees all the visible one and the invisible one, no truth does not escape to him, because its energy penetrates any reality, our past, our present and even our future possibilities... As a wife of Vishnu, it has this capacity to intervene, for exaucer our prayers and to change into our favour of the compromised situations.

Its second capacity is the opening of conscience, the sublimation of the gift of love, the fundamental virtue of the good mothers of the world! The goddess is not only the force which gives and shares its Flood of the Knowledge (Sarasvatî), but it is also the guide of the internal forces of our microcosm. That which has the capacity to be opposed to the forces evil.

Its third capacity is the experiment or happiness. It is that which sees with the heart, which smiles, forgives and comforts, it cures the wounds and wounds of the heart and always inspires the love. It represents the interior happiness which radiates and is communicated.


Symbols and various names of the Large goddess :


SHAKTI  or PRACILTI = the FORCE of nature OR the source of the creative energy 

Bhagasati :
The All Powerful One

Devi - Mahadevi :
The Resplendent One

Parvati :
The girl of the Mountains


It is still named: the Triple-Knowledge (Trayîvidyâ), the goddess of the language (Bhâshâ), the Mother of the world (Jagad-mâtâ), the dispenser one of existence (Bavânî), the More-young person (Avarâ), Similar with the bee (Bhrâmani), the dispenser one of abundance (Anna-pûrna),


Names of the goddess having a link with Vishnu/Krishna and Shiva


Asa wife of Vishnu or Attracting-Krishna : it is called also the Peace-of-the-night (Umâ), the Pale one (Gaudî), the Faithful one (Sati).

She is also the Messenger of Shiva (Shiva-dûtî), beneficial time (Bhadra-kâlî), the goddess of the Sleep (Shivâ), the sovereign one (Ishânî), the Large goddess (Maheshvarî), the Love (Kâmakyâ) and the Universal one (Sharvânî).

The majority of the names quoted above are extracted from Karapâtrî and shri Bhagavatî Tattva.


Names of the Sahkti goddess similar to those of Marie mother of Jesus


The Beautiful one (Sundarf), the Girl-Virgin (Kanyâ-Kumârî), the support of the world (Jagaddhâtrî), the VIRGIN (Kanyâ), the always beneficial lady (Sarva-mangala), the Brilliant one (DEVî), transcendent splendour (Mahâ-devî), the inaccessible one (Durgâ), the Infinite one (Anantâ), the Queen of the Sky, the Eternal one (Nityâ)...


The goddess S H A K T I or omnipresent energy
The Source of Life resulting To be it Immense


Come out of the Creator, it takes part already in the Creation of the world:

When Brahmâ concentrated to create the Universe paramount God was different in two poles:

With the whole beginning of the Universe, the Goddess was alone, it is ofIt that was born the desirable one and all that has energy:

It is It which animated the beings, that they originate in:
Water, the egg or the matrix, plants, animals,
From It were born also the men, it is IT which EAST
And gives supreme energy... (Bahvricha Upanishad)

Born in paramount water (âp)
I spread myself in the universe.
I touch the Sky and the Earth... (Rig Veda)

It is the Knowledge of the Vastness,
the All powerful one, the Mother of the World
present in all the universe... (Karapâtri)

Thus the Brahmans express the words of the goddess:

I wander with the Principle-of-life (Rudra-s),
Spheres of existence (Vasu-s),
sovereign Principles (Aditya-s),
UNIVERSAL Gods (Visve-deva-s).

As the body is inert without a breath of life, the Shakti goddess is the life, the will and the force which animates the eternal gods. She has in Her the active ingredient necessary to the development of the cosmic embryo (the egg from where came out Creation)

The word Shakti wants to say energy, its synonym in Veda-s is Sacî, the power which personified already the wife of Indra.

True spiritual invisible entity, Shakti constitutes the force which animates the capacities of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahmâ or even of the nature which spouts out of the ground in Spring. It is the substance of very which is everywhere and in all.

As a cohesive power, the Shakti goddess is at the same time knowledge, the conscience of Krishna, the vastness of Brahma and female Yoni of Shiva.

It is only by its union with energy, that SHIVA - the Eternal Lord-of-Sleep can become the active ingredient and fertilizing. Female driving force, It is the essential complement of divine masculine SHIVA. It encourages with creation and it procreates.

Thus speaks the Large Goddess in Devî-sukta about Rig Veda, where it is described like the supreme divinity and immanente:

I am the kingdom, dispenser richnesses, That which knows all, my empire is immense. The gods installed me in many residences, I reside in all that is... (Devî-sukta of Rig Veda) It is of me that comes all that is eaten, is seen, All that breathes and all that gets along. Those which are unaware of to me are destroyed, This is why contemplate with respect what I say: I am the joy of the gods like men. I can give to each one what it wishes, I engagements for the people, I penetrate the sky and the ground, and I give rise to the father. (Rig Veda)


Anthem with the Large Goddess (updated by Nag Hamadi)


Thus speaks the Large Goddess, mother of the men: I am the voice which appeared of my thought,

One calls me: the thought of Invisible, the voice which does not change, " I am Unique and without stain " (Nirmala) knowledge being in Me, It is Me which speaks in any creature, And I was known by All-(Puissant)

Wire of the thought, listen to the voice of the Mother, Because it is you who became worthy Of this mystery (interior perfection) " Hidden since Eternity, So that you became perfect. "

I is the image of the invisible Spirit, It is of Me that the Whole received its image, the light established by the Mother is the Virgin That which is inaccessible, Whose imperceptible voice is incommensurable.

Me only I am the Logos unutterable, Immaculée, incomprehensible, unthinkable, hidden Lumière giving a fruit of life,

Making spout out " a running water of the Invisible Source " I am " the Source of the Whole, " the root of entire Eon the breath of the powers, the eye of the three residences... (Adi Shakti)

Astonishing sentences which find a resonance sublime in the life of Marie... That which was called itself in Lourdes (France): Immaculate Conception.

And which after so much of sufferings (re)devient the LADY of the SKY, which comforts those which cry, protects those which venerates it and cures in countries where medicine is missing people so much for which it remains the ultimate one and last hope!

And the word of the Large Hindu Goddess is completed on a prophetic message:

But they did not recognize me, Those which kept their residences; Because I am the Imperceptible one,
Me and my seed which is with Me I will establish it in the holy light, In an inaccessible silence.


SARASVATI, the flood (of science) the goddess of Knowledge


Girl and wife of Brahmâ, it is the goddess of the word, the union of the power and the intelligence from which is born creation by the Verb. Goddess of the eloquence, wisdom and the knowledge, it reveals with the man the music, the writing and poetry.

She is represented in the shape of a gracious white woman sat on a lotus with a small crescent of the moon on her face.


Vâc, the goddess of the Word

The word or exchanges knowledge, Vâc is the mother of the communication which gives the intelligence to those which likes it. Marry of the King of the Sky, it is the mother of Veda-S. " All the worlds are contained in It " this is why the Word is a whole " (Aitareya Aranyaka).


The multiples faces of the goddess of Fortune : Lakshmî or Shrî

As Being able of Immanent Lakshmî represents initially the capacity of multiplicity. It is also called Shrî as a goddess of the beauty.

Marry of Vishnu, it accompanies its husband in each one of his avatâra-s: Ram with the Lotus when Vishnu was a dwarf, it becomes the Earth in Râma with-the-axe, the furrow Sîtâ, the Rukmin goddess when Vishnu appeared in the form of Krishna and it becomes KALKI when Vishnu goes down to destroy and change the world...


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