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Epilog on the SOURCES of the Great RELIGIONS


The majority of believing are persuaded that their religion is the best and that it is to better eliminate " all the others! "

We wanted by our modest return to the SOURCES to show that the majority of the great Religions result from one: RELIGION MOTHER whose origin is lost in the mists of time. In this imbroglio of mysteries which intersect, move away and meet without stop we are persuaded more and more that there exists with the Sky, a Single Original Creator.

This one has as well capacities as it can all at the same time be Présent in the Universe in a Unique form and as in the antique Hindoue religion to multiply by ten itself at will to be everywhere present in a form which we seldom perceive because it includes so many possibilities and astonishing forces...

It is a little what Christ said " I left the Father and I turn over to the Father " and You are his children when you achieve his will. It did not add if somebody likes me, my Father will like it and will come us (my Father and me) and will make us in Him our residence...

Like the three thousand years of History of Egypt, all the History of Humanity is only one succession interminable of periods of hope and approaches of the divine ways intersected with hollow periods during which the man lets himself go at worst the instincts and his ME to enter his ancestral wild part again...

The examples of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India are on this subject very significant:

Until year 3000 (before J.C.) the Egyptian culture seems to merge with that of the man of Néandertal which hardly has just come out of the last period from glaciation and yet even if Europe resembled the North Pole a long time, all the Mediterranean basin saw developing many civilizations now disappeared...

The Greeks affirm us that Atlante civilization before car-destroying itself reigned with its ten kings on all the Basin of the Mediterranean !

This is why we think that character IMHOTEP is currently the best and single known source which establishes really a spiritual bridge between two literally opposite periods in all points and which ONE DAY received and admitted the instructions of a civilization which one would like so much to know the origins and their History.

Even if one cannot extirpate nor to disavow his past Moïse (wire adoptive of Pharaon) constitutes to some extent a bridge between a world which is completed and a world which takes again the torch to constitute people whose mission will be to testify to the divine existence to clarify all the nations and all the races of the Earth...

In the same way there is no chance if the spirituality of Abraham who precisely visited Egypt while it lived a high period of spirituality is extended according to the divine will to the three great religions to cross the centuries

Thus Egypt during twenty centuries at least fulfilled its MISSION of guide and contributed to the birth of the entity of the Jewish people which even during his exile in Assyrie and Babylonia transmitted  to the four corners the East (even without realizing it and in spite of its sufferings, its tears and its martyrs) the testimony of its spiritual life and of a possible rebirth to the sky for more deserving which will reach the eternal life.

Moreover those which really read the Books of Coran and the Bible know that these two Books (including the Gospel) have a source Unique it is what explains the Muhammad prophet while speaking about " the Mother of the Books ". Even if so many times: the evil spirit tried to divide our nations to dominate them and push the men between-to be committed suicide by ridiculing the ten commands out of GOD.

Our goal is not to seek with ALL TO EXPLAIN, but contrary to giving birth to of each one among us this interest which pushes us to go up time to seek our origins and our true links of paternity.

As a tree draws by its roots its food in the element GROUND and can by the hand man carry it various fruits according to Clerc's Offices' that one transplanted to him, the man is a seed which has two foods :


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